Shamhalova Sofia

My name is Shamhalova Sofia. I am an artist and graphic designer based in Moscow and Bucharest. I was born in 1991, finished 7 years of painting school and 6 years of university on faculty of graphic design. I love process of drawing and creating, process of getting inspiration and I am ready for different collaborations.

I found a huge part of my inspiration in ancient art of byzantine, in ancient beauty of tribe graphics - in different "rooty" art. I believe our roots are pure power and magic. During art process I love to connect some ancient motives with modern approach.

I am opened to experiments and love to do different kind of art work. Last period I am more into oily art and graphics. In the same time my interest is in interface of art object and it's environment.

What I love more about art? To create art - we need to feel...

Shamhalova Sofia

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